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Do You Really Need an EMP Bag(yes actually)?

Do you own electronics? What? Oh you do? Yeah. We know you do.

First off, what is an EMP? EMP stands for Electromagnetic Pulse. We are going to continue to refer to it as EMP, to save our hands from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

An EMP is a brief burst of electromagnetic energy(see, isn't that helpful). Think of it like a radio wave, but way more powerful and a lot meaner. It produces a whole lot of volts faster in a single pulse of energy causing damage to electronic equipment.

Do you know when an EMP is coming? No, and neither do we. However if you have electronic equipment you would like to use in an emergency i.e. generator, radio, extra phone(read burner phone). Proper storage of these items is paramount for emergency preparedness.

Here comes the pitch...You can protect your sensitive electronic items with a Lion Energy Mil-Spec EMP Bag. Just in case you didn't know Mil-Spec means it has been tested and certified by the US Military. Most likely well versed in EMP's...

At 16" x 20.5" x 26.8" (exterior) 15L" x 19.5W" x 20H" (interior) this unit is large enough to store a medium sized solar generator. So if you have a lot of sensitive electronics you need to protect we should suggest picking up 2. It is easier than building a Faraday Cage.




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