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Solar Generators. Does Size Matter?

In the world of solar generators, the age-old question persists: Does size really matter? Spoiler alert: It absolutely does! At Solar Power Lifestyle, we're here to illuminate the importance of finding the perfect fit for your power needs. Grab your shades because we're about to dive into the sunny realm of solar generator sizing.

Solar Generator Sizing Chart

Appliance Daily Energy Consumption (Wh) Solar Generator Size (W) Estimated Runtime on Full Charge
CPAP 30-60W 500 6.9-13.8 hours
Kettle 1,000W 1,000 0.7-2.1 hours
LED Light 10-18W 500 23-41.4 hours
Pellet Stove 345W 1,000 2.9-6.2 hours
Refrigerator 900W 2,000 1.8-22.7 hours
Space Heater 1,500W 2,000 1.1-13.6 hours
Sump Pump 3/4HP 1,200W 3,000 2 hours


Choosing the right solar generator size ensures you have the power you need when you need it. Whether you're powering a CPAP machine, brewing a kettle, or keeping your space warm with a heater, finding the perfect fit is the key to unlocking a seamless solar-powered lifestyle. So, does size matter? Absolutely! Let the us be your guide to the perfectly sized solar generator for your needs. Call us at 585-484-9644 or drop us a line at sales@solarpowerlifestyle.com. As always you can search on your own at www.solarpowerlifestyle.com.

*Please keep in mind these sizes and times are approximated. The only things certain in life are death and damn taxes.

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