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The Power of the Power Inverter

Here is some knowledge regarding Power Inverters:

The purpose of the inverter is to convert DC to AC. They convert your DC battery power in AC power, allowing you to use your appliances.  Inverters come in sizes of Watts, Volts, and can change DC to 100-120Volts and even 200-240Volts!  It is important to make sure the voltage of your inverter matches the voltage of the battery bank that is being used.

AC voltage, DC voltage, and Wattage are the important factors when shopping for your power inverter.

Most of your household appliances run on 100-120 AC voltage.

DC voltage is what is produced by the battery(batteries) being used. You will need to make sure the inverter you get is compatible.  For example if you have a 48volt battery, the inverter required will need to be 48volts.

The Wattage value is how many watts the inverter can handle at one time.  If you are running appliance A at 300 watts and appliance B at 900 watts the total would be 1200W.  Therefore you would need an inverter capable of handling 1300W or greater.  It is important to always know the wattage being used and to make sure the inverter is larger than what is needed.  Bigger IS better when it comes to your inverter wattage capability!

Modified Sine Wave vs. Pure Sine Wave

Pure Sine Wave inverters are compatible with most household appliances and devices.  Modified Sine Wave inverters are limited in the types of appliances and devices they can be used with.  However they are significantly less expensive than their Pure Sine Wave cousins.

We hope this information is useful to you and by all means please call, email, or even text any questions you may have and we will do what it takes to get you the answers you require!  Power On!


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