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Why should you buy a solar generator?

Let's take a minute and talk about The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly comparisons between solar and traditional fuel generators.  (a.k.a. Pros & Cons)



Noise - Have you ever tried to sleep next to a fossil fuel generator?  The operative word here being, "Tried."  Loud and unruly.  With a solar generator you might, say again might hear the inverter periodically.  Enjoy the quiet.  Isn't that why you went camping in the first place?

No Fumes - When was the last time you used your fossil fuel generator inside?  Hopefully never.  The fumes emitted are toxic and can be harmful to your health.  Kinda like sitting in the smoking section at Applebees.  Solar generators do not emit anything therefore offer a safe alternative for an inside application.

Renewable Energy Source/Eco-Friendly - If you are deep in the wilderness and you run out of gas, your generator turns into a boat anchor or best case scenario a step stool.  By harnessing the power of the sun you can power that phone long enough to call in a helicopter to evacuate you or better yet take that selfie for the 'Gram(post it later, after the helicopter ride).

Multiple Ways to Charge - If the sun is taking the day off you can charge a solar generator just by plugging it into a standard wall outlet!  It is even able to be charged via your car battery.  Read: Versatility.

Low Operating Costs - At the time of this writing, the cost of a gallon of gas is averaging $4 nationwide.  Yikes.  When was the last time you received a bill from the Sun?  We have yet to, here at Solar Power Lifestyle.  However take advantage of it now as surely there is some kind of sunlight tax coming down the pike!

Low Maintenance/No Moving Parts - Being there are no moving parts the likelihood of a breakdown is minimal comparatively to a fossil fuel generator.  No oil or fuel stabilizer for storage needed.

 Ease of Use - Plug in the solar panels, point them at the sun and harness.  That curling iron will get your camp hair looking mighty fine in a hurry.


Upfront Price - The initial investment costs into a solar generator are greater than if you were to purchase an equal power fuel generator.  However over the life of each unit extrapolating out fuel and maintenance, you will find that in the end the solar generator was more cost effective than its fuel guzzling cousin.

The Sun is Not Always Cooperative - If the sun is not out your panels have nothing to harvest you might not be able to charge your tablet long enough to stream the last 15 minutes of Meatballs(It just doesn't matter!).  Also you won't be able to charge your generator at night unless you are able to plug it in to an AC outlet.

Temperature Sensitivity - High temperatures may cause issues with the battery inside your generator.  If you are in a hot climate it may be best to find full sun for the panels and shade for the generator.

Slow Recharge - If you are using a solar panel to charge your generator during the day while using it to power an appliance you will find this takes a very long time.  To combat this you could purchase another panel to help expedite the charging process.  With a fuel generator you can just throw(please pour slowly) some fuel into the tank and be on your way.

Panels May Sustain Damage - If and when that game of two-hand touch camp football turns into tackle and Dave gets pancaked onto your panel, you can probably kiss it goodbye.  However as time goes on and we transition into a more solar powered society the technology will get tougher and more efficient.

 In Closing

There are many variables that you need to consider before making your purchase, as with any investment.  We here at Solar Power Lifestyle are of course partial to solar technology, not just because it is in our name and we have kids to feed, but the cleaner and more renewable a solution is the better for all of us.  We were always taught if you go someplace leave it better than when you found it.  We believe solar energy can help us do that.  Power On!


Checkout some of the generators in our solar harnessing arsenal here!

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