Portable Solar Powered Lifestyle Solutions


Q:  What is the most popular kit or a power station so far? We love going camping but it would be great if it could run a small refrigerator, as well as small tv.

A:  As far as generators go we sell EcoFlow and Jackery the most.  To decide what unit would be best, first you need to figure out the running watts for each appliance you would like to have going at the same time.  The total watts of the generator need to be greater than the sum of the total watts of the appliances.  A general rule of thumb is to go bigger than what you currently need.  This is because most people, as they get more comfortable with the generator, always add appliances.  If you are running your refrigerator and tv when the game is on and the urge for a margarita strikes, you need to make sure you have enough "Juice" for the blender!!  Thank you again for reaching out to us and please do not hesitate with any questions you may have moving forward.