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Point Zero Energy Titan Boost w/LiFePO4 Battery Solar Generators Point Zero Energy
Point Zero Energy Titan Boost w/LiFePO4 Battery Solar Generators Point Zero Energy
Point Zero Energy Titan Boost w/LiFePO4 Battery Solar Generators Point Zero Energy
Point Zero Energy Titan Boost w/LiFePO4 Battery Solar Generators Point Zero Energy

Point Zero Energy Titan Boost w/LiFePO4 Battery

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    Why Buy From Solar Power Lifestyle

    Are you ready to take your power independence to the next level? Say hello to the Titan BOOST, the game-changing portable power station that's redefining the way you harness energy from the sun, wind, and more. With unmatched features and cutting-edge technology, the Titan BOOST is not just a power station; it's a revolution.

    Unparalleled Dual MPPT Technology One size fits all? Not anymore. The Titan BOOST boasts not one but two 1,000-watt Dual MPPT charge controllers, offering an astounding voltage range of 35-240V. This means you can maximize your solar power potential by effortlessly connecting nearly any solar panel on the market. Whether you're a solar novice or a seasoned pro, the Titan BOOST simplifies solar like never before.

    Customizable Charging Configurations Why settle for one charging session when you can have two? With dual charge controllers, you can set up your solar arrays at different angles, optimizing your energy generation throughout the day. Imagine one MPPT angled to charge in the morning and another in the afternoon, providing uninterrupted power. You can even combine a solar array with a wind turbine for ultimate versatility.

    Efficiency Beyond Compare The Titan BOOST's MPPT controllers are 98% efficient, outperforming typical charge controllers by up to 45% under certain conditions. More efficiency means more power from your solar panels, giving you the edge when it comes to energy generation and sustainability.

    Powerful Inverter for Your Toughest Loads Our 3,000-watt continuous, 6,000-watt long surge inverter is a force to be reckoned with. While the industry standard provides just 0.5 seconds of peak power, the Titan BOOST offers a staggering 5 seconds. This means you can start and run heavy loads like air conditioners, air compressors, water pumps, and more without breaking a sweat.

    Versatile Modular Battery System No space is too small, and no energy demand is too big. Our unique battery design allows you to connect batteries swiftly in various configurations to suit your space. You can link up to 13 NMC batteries (26,000 watt-hours) or 11 LFP batteries (27,500 watt-hours). From 2 kWh to a massive 26 kWh in NMC or 2.5 kWh to 27.5 kWh in LFP, the choice is yours.

    Unrivaled Battery Lifespan Say goodbye to premature battery replacements. Our NMC batteries offer an impressive 2,000 cycles to 80% remaining capacity, while LFP batteries go even further with 3,500 cycles to 80% and an astonishing 6,500 cycles to 50%.

    Packing More Power, Literally Experience the future of energy storage with our high-energy-density batteries. For the same energy storage, our batteries are lighter and longer-lasting than the competition. LFP boasts 50% higher energy density, while NMC shines with 38% higher energy density.

    Multi-Source Charging With the Titan BOOST, you're not limited to a single power source. Charge your unit with solar, wind, a gas generator, your car, or a standard wall outlet—all simultaneously. Harness up to 4,860 total watts of power, ensuring your unit is always charged and ready.

    Seamless UPS Backup Our double-conversion UPS ensures clean power with zero switching time, safeguarding your appliances from power disturbances, harmonics, and waveform distortion. Stay connected even during unexpected outages.

    Universal Compatibility Already have lithium batteries? No problem. The Titan BOOST is designed to work seamlessly with any lithium battery in a 24V configuration, giving you the flexibility to integrate existing assets into your system.

    Monitor with Ease Stay in control with our Bluetooth app, allowing you to monitor your system directly from your phone. Keep tabs on your power usage, battery status, and energy generation from the palm of your hand.

    Built to Last, Designed for Safety Encased in a heavy-duty steel housing, the Titan BOOST and its batteries prioritize durability and safety. Despite their robust design, these units remain remarkably lightweight, thanks to the modular design and high-efficiency components.

    Unrivaled Warranty Invest with confidence. The Titan BOOST comes with a 5-year warranty for the power module, extendable to 10 years. Batteries are also covered for 5 years, extendable to a decade. Plus, our solar panels boast an industry-leading 30-year warranty.

    Advanced Connectivity Our commitment to versatility extends to connectivity, with features like two USBC and two USBA charging ports, Aux ports for AC chargers or external MPPTs, two external battery ports capable of handling 3,000 watts, and a secure SB50 port for 12V output.

    The Titan BOOST Difference In a market saturated with options, the Titan BOOST stands head and shoulders above the rest:

    1. Powerful Inverter: Start and run heavy loads with ease.
    2. Dual MPPTs: Wide voltage input for ultimate solar flexibility.
    3. Modular Expandability: Grow your system as your power needs evolve.
    4. Customizable Fit: Configure your system to fit any space.
    5. High Efficiency: Get more out of less solar.
    6. Exceptional Warranty: Peace of mind for a decade.
    7. Lightweight and Safe: Built tough but easy to move.
    8. Made in the USA: Designed, assembled, and tested in the United States.
    9. Rapid Charging: Up to 4,860 watts and full battery charge in just over an hour.
    10. Unbeatable Energy Density: Store more energy, longer.

    Join the energy revolution with the Titan BOOST from Point Zero Energy. Don't just survive—thrive with the power of innovation. Order yours today and experience true energy independence.


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