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Introducing the New Titan Series at Solar Power Lifestyle

We're absolutely thrilled to share some electrifying news with you! Solar Power Lifestyle is proud to present the arrival of two remarkable products that are set to transform the way we harness, store, and enjoy energy: The Titan BOOST and the Titan 240 SP. These assembled in the USA Power Stations are absolute game changing powerhouses. Buckle up, because we're about to embark on a journey that will redefine your energy experience.

Meet the Titan BOOST: Your Power Companion

Have you ever yearned for a portable power station that can charge from multiple sources, effortlessly kick-start your high-wattage appliances, and deliver consistent, uninterrupted energy wherever you roam? Your dreams have just come true with the Titan BOOST.

Key Features of the Titan BOOST:

  • Dual MPPT Technology: Get ready to maximize your solar power potential with not one but two 1,000-watt Dual MPPT charge controllers. Say hello to more solar panels, shorter charge times, and unmatched efficiency.

  • Incredible Inverter Power: The Titan BOOST boasts a 3,000-watt continuous, 6,000-watt long surge inverter that can power hefty loads like air conditioners, well pumps, and air compressors. It's a game-changer for portable power stations.

  • Modular Battery System: Customize your energy storage like never before. Link up to 13 NMC or 11 LFP batteries, reaching an astonishing 27,500 watt-hours. The Titan BOOST adapts to your space and needs.

  • High Energy Density: Our batteries are not just lighter; they're more efficient too. They offer 50% higher energy density than the industry average. More power, less weight—it's the ultimate combo.

  • Multi-Source Charging: Charge with solar, wind, a gas generator, your car, or a standard wall outlet—all simultaneously. With up to 4,860 total watts, you'll have a power surplus.

  • UPS Backup: Bid farewell to power disruptions. The Titan BOOST provides clean backup power with zero switching time, shielding your appliances and ensuring your connection.

  • Designed in the USA: Our modular design prioritizes flexibility, whether you're at home or on the go. Safety and durability are non-negotiable, and that's why our units are built robust and assembled right here in the USA.

  • Longest Warranty: The Titan BOOST comes with an industry-leading 5-year warranty, extendable to 10 years. Your peace of mind matters to us.



Introducing the Titan 240 SP: Power Redefined

But wait, there's more. Solar Power Lifestyle proudly presents the Titan 240 SP—a true powerhouse. With a 4000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter, the Titan 240 SP can kick-start and run high-wattage appliances confidently, whether you're exploring the great outdoors or enjoying the comfort of your home.

Key Features of the Titan 240 SP:

  • Best in Class Solar Input Range: Experience higher efficiency and a broader range of solar panels, leading to shorter charge times and effortless configuration.

  • Cutting-Edge LiFePO4 Modular Battery: Store more energy while taking up less space, thanks to the highest energy storage per pound. And with a stackable design and no messy wires, it's fully portable.

  • Best in Class Fast Charging: Revel in up to 6500 cycles to 50%, ensuring years of unwavering, high-performance energy.

  • Designed in the USA for Resilient Environments: Safety and durability are top priorities, and our steel housing is crafted to endure the toughest conditions.

  • Bluetooth In-App Smart Power Management: Keep tabs on your Titan 240 SP from your device effortlessly.

  • The Longest Warranty in the Game: Your investment is safeguarded by an impressive 5-year warranty, with options for extended coverage.



A Brighter, More Powerful Tomorrow

At Solar Power Lifestyle, we're not just introducing products; we're ushering in a new era of power. Whether you choose the Titan BOOST or the Titan 240 SP, you're stepping into a future where energy is boundless, dependable, and versatile.

Join us in embracing the future of power. Secure your Titan BOOST or Titan 240 SP today and experience a world where you're in control of your energy, wherever you are.

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  • I already own a Titan with one battery for use in my RV. I would like to run my grid-connected home heat pumps* from the 240SP. Can I run my 230V heat pumps (Cooper & Hunter CH-48MES-230VO & CH-18MES-230VO) with one of my existing batteries and a 2nd LIFePo4 battery that I would order with the 240SP?

    My local utility has cut back on my return from my 14 solar panels, so I would like to use more at home and give them less.
    Jon Lockert

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