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  • What Can We Do To Serve YOU Better?

    How can we, Solar Power Lifestyle, create more value for YOU?
  • What is YOUR Solar Lifestyle Solution?

    Why do some people seem to know what solar solution is right for them, while others struggle to understand their solar needs?

    We have streamlined the process to save you the time and headache!

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  • Interested in starting your own business?

    The most important decision in your business actually happens…

    BEFORE you start it.

    The decision I’m talking about is...deciding WHAT business to start.
  • What's All This Charge About Batteries?

    As you are scrolling through countless options for batteries you will come across several of the same terms and acronyms.  Let's run down a list of some of the most common and increase our brain power along the way!
  • Why should you buy a solar generator?

    Let's take a minute and talk about The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly comparisons between solar and traditional fuel generators.  (a.k.a. Pros & Cons)
  • MPPT Charge Controller vs. PWM Charge Controller

    Gain some knowledge regarding the differences between MPPT Solar Charge Controllers and PWM Solar Charge Controllers!

    First of all, what is a Solar Charge Controller?  A Charge Controller prevents the over charge and over discharge of the battery or batteries within a given system.  It basically is a regulator, regulating the flow of current into and out of a battery.

  • The Basics.

    Let's talk about some of the basics regarding energy and electricity.  Shedding some light on some solar industry terms.