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  • What's All This Charge About Batteries?

    As you are scrolling through countless options for batteries you will come across several of the same terms and acronyms.  Let's run down a list of some of the most common and increase our brain power along the way!
  • Why should you buy a solar generator?

    Let's take a minute and talk about The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly comparisons between solar and traditional fuel generators.  (a.k.a. Pros & Cons)
  • MPPT Charge Controller vs. PWM Charge Controller

    Gain some knowledge regarding the differences between MPPT Solar Charge Controllers and PWM Solar Charge Controllers!

    First of all, what is a Solar Charge Controller?  A Charge Controller prevents the over charge and over discharge of the battery or batteries within a given system.  It basically is a regulator, regulating the flow of current into and out of a battery.

  • The Basics.

    Let's talk about some of the basics regarding energy and electricity.  Shedding some light on some solar industry terms.